Empower the Creatorpreneurs,
Inspire the Next.

CreatorCon is a global platform bringing together the brightest minds, the boldest ideas and the most creative talents and entrepreneurs under one roof.

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We aim to ignite the flames of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation with every individual who dares to dream, create and inspire.

Join us in redefining the world of creative collaboration, where ideas are the currency and the future is full of endless possibilities for Creatorpreneurs.

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Unlock Your Creative Potential

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    We are dedicated to empowering Creatorpreneurs by providing them with the knowledge, tools and resources they need to turn their creative passions into thriving ventures.

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    We aspire to be the spark that ignites the flames of inspiration within both seasoned Creators and the next generation of visionary thinkers.

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    At the heart of CreatorCon is a vibrant, supportive community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for creativity and entrepreneurship.

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    We champion Creators who believe in the power of creativity to drive positive change.

Featuring 100+ global and local Speakers, Industry Leaders, Exhibitors and Influencers across diverse disciplines.

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Through captivating speakers, hands-on masterclasses and workshops, this event is a comprehensive platform that brings together individuals from various creative industries, providing opportunities for networking, learning, collaboration and inspiration.

The program caters to a wide audience, from beginners to professionals, to celebrate creativity and innovation across different fields.

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What's On

Creator Confluence

Informative sessions, ranging from keynote presentations and panel discussions to demonstrations, are held at the main stages and exhibitor spaces for attendees to learn and get inspired.

Creator Masterclass

Masterclasses led by prominent industry leaders, offer you the opportunity to acquire a wide range of skillsets tailored specifically for success in the dynamic creative landscape.

Creator Mastery

Intimate Masterclasses with industry leaders limited to 20 registrants per session, providing an unparalleled learning environment for close and personal engagement with the Host.

Entertainment | Lifestyle | Business | Technology | Marketing | Design | Fashion | Beauty | Art

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  • Content Strategy, Creation + Production

    Video production | Digital photography | Graphic Design | Audio production | Content planning

  • Branding and identity

    Brand positioning and storytelling | Brand experience and messaging | Logo and visual identity | Brand management | Personal branding

  • Digital Marketing

    Social Media marketing | SEO marketing | Ecommerce marketing | Affiliate marketing | Email marketing | Influencer marketing | Data Analytics

  • Monetisation and Business Scaling

    Content monetisation | Business development | Strategic partnerships | International expansion | Market research and analysis

  • Community Building

    Community Growth Strategy | Community Management | Engagement Tactics | Audience Feedback and Insights | Building Inclusivity and Diversity

  • Partnerships and Collaborations

    Networking Techniques | Collaboration and Partnership Strategies | Innovation and Ideation Collaboration | Cultivating Relationships

  • Creativity and Innovation

    Design thinking | Idea generation | Creative problem solving | Product Development

  • Tech and Tools Mastery

    Digital tools | Emerging Technologies | Data analytics and visualisation tools | Machine learning and AI tools

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VIP Lounge

Immerse yourself in premium comfort and exclusivity in the CreatorCon VIP Lounge within the Main Amphitheatre. Relax, network and engage with fellow Creators and Industry Leaders from the comforts of your exclusively reserved Lounge Suite. Primely located front of stage, enjoy the benefits of your personally reserved location as you come and go for Masterclasses throughout the event. All VIP Lounge Suites include a wait service team along with a special menu delivered directly to your suite.

A highly limited number of VIP Lounge Suites are available for reservation per day; we encourage you to secure your premier seating experience before allocations are fully claimed.

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